Market Leading Press Brake Technology
Maskin type : Knekking
With more than 125,000 press brakes and 1,500 bending cells installed AMADA are at the forefront of press brake innovation and product development. The patented lower beam design and large working envelope of the HFE give the user great flexibility whilst the lastest touch screen 3D control panel and energy saving drive improve efficiency and profitability.
  • Flexible multi axis down stroking press brake
  • Large working envelope
  • Amada's ‘Instant Reactive Beam' for consistent accuracy
  • Stop - Start technology for reduced power consumption
  • Multi touch screen 3D control - 19" smartphone style
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Fast and Easy Part Processing
  • Network ready
  • BendNavi control software - input DXF files to control
  • Multi touch screen 3D control - 19" smartphone style
  • Wireless DIGIPRO
High Precision Operation
  • Consistent angle accuracy
  • ' Instant Reactive' beam
Reduced Power & Maintenance
  • Stop - Start technology
  • Up to 50% power saving
High Speed Operation*
  • * Machines up to 1000 kN capacity only
  • 150mm/s return speed
  • 15mm/s maximum bend speed
  • 200mm/s approach speed
Bending Solution Pack Options
  • Sheet followers
  • Delta-X backgauge
Angle Sensors Options
  • Bi-S and Bi-M automatic angle sensors
MODEL 50208025100313031303L17031703L17041704L22042204L
Press Capacity (kN)500800100013001300170017001700170022002200
Bend Length (mm)20902570311031403140317031704230423042804280
Open Height (mm)470470470470620470620470620470620
Stroke Length (mm)200200200200350200350200350200350
Throat Depth (mm)420420420420420420420420420420420
Max. Backgauge (mm)10001000100010001000100010001000100010001000
Number of Controlled Axis77777777777
Standard funksjoner
  • Instant reactive beam
  • Network ready
  • BendNavi control software
  • AMNC 19” 3D touch screen control
  • 7 CNC controlled axis

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