ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser

Fibre Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities
Maskin type : Laser

Following the success and technological breakthrough with the ENSIS 2kW fibre laser, AMADA now presents the new ENSIS 3kW fibre Laser.

Using variable beam control technology developed by AMADA, the new ENSIS 3kW and the existing 2kW model can manufacture mild steel products which could only be produced using a higher powered laser source in the past. This cutting edge innovation is made possible through the modulation of the laser beam as a function of sheet thickness, changing the beam shape to suit material/thickness requirements.

  • 2kW/3kW quality and performance results comparable to a 4kW conventional laser
  • Full range cutting capability without the need to change lenses
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min, the fastest in class
  • New helical rack drive ensures high speeds and smooth operation
  • Energy saving - ECO Cut and reduced power consumption
  • VPSS software solution pack for seamless part processing and programming
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Reliable Production
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance-no internal mirrors, turbo blower or laser gas
  • ECO Cut – 38% higher processing speeds with smaller nozzles
  • Reduced processing times and 45% less assist gas usage
  • AMADA Digital Support System (ADSS) proactive maintenance
Easy Operation
  • New AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Cut thin-to-thick material without lens change
Excellent Cut Quality
  • Variable beam technology to suit material/thickness
  • Fibre engine developed by Amada
  • Oil shot pierce – prevents splatter and improves quality
  • CoolingCut for stable processing of thick materials
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
Increased Cutting Range
  • A fusion of fibre and CO2 laser cutting benefits
  • Capable of cutting copper, brass and titanium
  • 6kW mild steel capacity in a 3kW machine
Fast & Easy Part Processing
  • Bar code reader – fast program loading
  • VPSS software solution pack
  • Production Designer – process 2D/3D files quickly and accurately
  • DR ABE Blank – fully automatic programming and nesting
Fast & Precise Material Processing
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min - the fastest in class
  • Lightweight Y-axis carriage
  • Lower centre of gravity allowing higher speeds
  • New helical rack drive with high torque motor which allows for faster and precise material processing
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Proven sheet load/unload automation options
  • Automatic 8 station nozzle changer
  • Automatic pierce monitoring
  • Automatic cut condition monitoring
Axis travel method:
- X & Y axesHelical rackHelical rack
- Z axisBall screwBall screw
Axis control methodX, Y, Z axes (three axes controlled simultaneously) + B axisX, Y, Z axes (three axes controlled simultaneously) + B axis
Axis travel distance (mm)(X) 3070 x (Y) 1550 x (Z) 100(X) 3070 x (Y) 1550 x (Z) 100
Maximum processing dimensions (mm)(X) 3070 x (Y) 1550 x (Z) 100(X) 3070 x (Y) 1550 x (Z) 100
Rapid feed rate: Combination X/Y (m/min)170170
Repeatable positioning accuracy (mm)±0.01±0.01
Processing feed rate, XxY (m/min)(0 ~ 120) x (0 ~ 120)(0 ~ 120) x (0 ~ 120)
Least input increment (mm)0.0010.001
Maximum material mass (kg)930 930
Processing surface height (mm)940940
Machine weight (kg)9,1009,100
- Mild Steel (mm)20 (25)25
- Stainless Steel (mm)10 (12)15
- Aluminium (mm)812
- Brass (mm)58
- Copper (mm)46
- Titanium (mm)55
Maximum thickness value depends on material quality and environmental conditions==
Standard funksjoner
  • Integrated AMADA 2kW/3kW fibre laser oscillator
  • Automatic nozzle changer - 8 station
  • Variable beam control unit
  • Oil shot function
  • CoolingCut (WACS - Water Assisted Cutting System)
  • Cut process monitoring system
  • Pierce monitoring system
  • X-axis scrap conveyor
  • High-pressure cutting (CleanCut)
  • Aluminium cutting (AluCut)
  • Automatic gas pressure control
  • Automatic pallet changer with shuttle table
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Dust collector
  • Chiller
  • Contact free HS cutting head
  • Integrated air purge unit