Kundereferanse Anderssons Mekaniska - Quality that flows

Anderssons Mekaniska AB operate lean manufacturing to remain competitive in a crowded market place.  The company’s philosophy is to offer complete in house manufacturing for their clients, allowing them to take complete control of both the scheduling and quality of  projects. 
AMADA Equipment List:
  • LC-2415 ALPHA IV Laser + MP SheetCAT + PR III Part Remover
  • HG-1003 Press brake
  • LC-2415 ALPHA III laser
  • ITPS-5012 Press brake

  • 1967 – Established 
  • 2012 – Began sheet metal production 
  • 2012 – Installation of ALPHA III laser and ITPS press brake
  • 2014 – Installation of ALPHA IV laser and HG press brake
  • 2017 – Installation of ALPHA PR III part remover
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"When we arrive in the morning, all parts run overnight are sorted ready on pallets. This allows our production to flow faster."
Emil Kronholm
Anderssons Mekaniska AB